Promoting fairness in the Luxury market

The value of the luxury personal goods market in India has doubled   in the last 5 years, and will grow by a further 70% in the next five   years. Many of the overseas luxury brands that currently dominate   the market benefit from the extraordinary talents of the skilled   artisans in India creating many of their beautiful pieces. 

  But in spite of this recognition of their talent the artisans themselves   have seen very little financial benefit from the growing luxury market,   and continue to work long hours away from their families to earn   low wages.

We think that’s wrong and so we are doing something about it.

The Karigar Foundation is an independent charitable organisation   based in India that is focused on providing high quality training in   luxury brand creation to enable local artisans to develop their   knowledge, confidence and skills. Only education and access to   digital and marketing skills prevent them from creating their own   luxury brands.

By empowering skilled artisans through education they can make   the sort of choices that the rest of us take for granted.