Wealth creation is a right not a privilege

Registered in the UK with a local operating subsidiary based in   Bangalore, India, The Karigar Foundation is an independent charity   that is managed by a Board of Trustees drawn from both the UK and   India.

We are committed to helping skilled artisans remain with their   families and local communities, establishing local regional   training centres with tutors who can communicate in their own   language using high quality specialist teaching materials to deliver a   unique and highly practical 12 month course.

Our intention is to help individuals to develop their own luxury   brands and gain an understanding of how marketing works.

We also have a goal to help make India a global centre for   sustainable luxury production. It’s a big ambition but it is the future   for all global brands, and by future-proofing their ways of working   the artisans can attract customers and clients for whom ethical   working and sustainable practices are essential.

We will provide employment to the very best students from each   centre who demonstrate talent, ambition and dedication, helping   them to continue to develop their skills under Apprentice schemes   run at Centres of Excellence, with the opportunity for higher wages   and a profit share whilst remaining close to their home communities.

Sustainable Luxury: Made in India. Let’s make it happen.