Be part of the best in India

The Karigar Foundation is open to nominations, both by individuals   for themselves and also local supporters. We accept nominations   throughout the year and the best applicants will be interviewed in   person by our local area liaison managers.

In order to qualify you will need to be able to demonstrate each of   the following: 

a) 5 years training in a specific craft that is relevant to the luxury sector

b) A high level of talent in your craft that is exceptional compared to others in your area

c) An ambition and desire to work hard and succeed in life

d) Show how you have a design or creative concept that is different

A shortlist will be created once a year and final selections will take   place, led by our Board of Trustees.

Our standards are high but so are those of the luxury market and   we want you to succeed. Our training can take you halfway there   but you provide the talent and motivation.