Promoting fairness in the Luxury market

If you study the history of the famous global luxury brands you will   notice how many started out as talented artisans with a dream and   a big ambition. Louis Vuitton, Thomas Burberry, and Cartier all had   humble beginnings. The difference is that they had the chance to   create their brands and bring them to the attention of the wealthy   and famous, and years later they began to create the brands that we   know today.

Of course it’s a different world today and it is hard to break through   with new luxury brands but there are tools and techniques that can   be taught that will give anyone the best possible chance of creating   their own brand and building a better future for themselves and their   families.

Our unique specialist course has been developed to provide just the   right amount of information, in the right order that you need to learn   it, with helpful ways of applying the knowledge that makes it real   and relevant to every student with an ambition to go further.

The printed material is available in both English and local languages   to avoid any exclusion due to language barriers, and online access   to the internet helps research and development of inspiration and   understanding.

With specially trained tutors to guide and support their learning, the   students will have the chance to practice their ideas alongside   completing a practical assessment project, all of which will go   towards their final assessment after 12 months.

We focus on providing practical skills that help develop and   empower talented individuals in ways that will help them achieve   their ambitions.