The power to change lives

The Karigar Foundation is funded entirely by generous individual   and corporate sponsors.

As a non-profit organisation, all of the operating costs of each   regional team and the course scholarships for the candidates to   attend the day release training programme are covered by these   donations.

There is no limit on the number of centres that can be sponsored,   and because we recognise that there will be a personal connection   to a specific region or craft, we offer all sponsors the option to   choose the craft or region that they wish to support.

We ensure that all sponsors receive regular updates on the   performance of their chosen centres via newsletters or webinars,   and can join with us in celebrating the success of the students they   have helped when they graduate after 12 months.

The Karigar Foundation provides a national programme and we   seek to equalise opportunities geographically, and across a variety   of crafts. In keeping with our equality agenda we are committed to   inclusivity and do not accept any bias with regards to gender, age,   sexual orientation, social class, religious beliefs, or ethnicity.

By sponsoring our centres you are giving others a helping hand  to have better lives and opportunities. That’s great legacy to leave.